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Here are some random pictures from this weekend, which otherwise wouldn't be post-worthy except that Nate's parents have a digital camera and we don't. So look Ma, I can post pictures!

Me and Nate at Zorbaz

Nate, me, and Nate's sister Mary at Zorbaz

Mary is otherwise famous for tearing her ACL twice in the last year, meaning that after her second major knee surgery a couple weeks from now, she is going to lay off the soccer permanently and replace it with (drumroll please.....) CYCLING! Go Mary! She was already admiring our expensive helmets, so it's only a matter of time before she buys those carbon bottle cages (see "I obviously need these" link in my sidebar).

Another of Nate's sisters, the unfortunately-named Annie, works at a T-shirt printing place. Every Labor Day they have this ridiculous tent sale, with five-foot-tall heaps of shirts lying everywhere and people buried up to their asses trying to root out that particular pattern in that particular size. This is an even bigger free-for-all for me and Nate, since (sssshhh) we get pretty much all the free shirts we want. (Mom, I got one for you, watch for it in the mail.)

In a couple weeks Nate and I are going to the Renaissance Festival (RenFest to those with an 85% Geek rating) with some of his co-workers, and afterward they swear they are dragging Nate to the Saloon with them. (This is related to the tent sale, bear with me.) Now, I have this lovely pair of silver vinyl pants that used to fit in the bad old days but now fall right off me. They've been sitting in the basement for a long time. Luckily, they're actually men's pants, and the other day Nate tried them on and they looked simply smashing, dahling. They are no longer in the basement. However, Nate needs something to wear with them......


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