this post is brought to you by "all the files are packed and i don't even have a desk"

Well, we're installed in the new building now. "Installed" is an exaggeration, of course, since there are still holes in the floor (architect: "oh, I wasn't aware there was a timeline") and nothing is unpacked, but we're out of the old building. It takes a full 15 minutes longer to drive here. I haven't yet experimented with riding here, but yesterday I did drive home along Lake Road instead of just going straight up to 94, and it turns out there is a bike path on Lake all the way back to Century (where the old office is). It's not always on the same side of the road -- apparently the city planners decided to just throw it any old where and make people cross the street back and forth at random -- but at least it's there. Only marginally better than a sidewalk, but certainly better than a four-lane corridor with no shoulder. We'll see. It'll probably take 2 hours to get here, though, which might be a problem. Ugh. Have I mentioned I hate Woodbury?

In completely unrelated news, some guy had this to say about me: "Somebody needs to marry this girl! She rides, she likes good beer and coffee and she doesn't like 'chick flicks'... sounds too good to be true... maybe she has three butt cheeks or something. Otherwise, Annie gets nominated for 'Chick of the Year'."

Yay me.

Oh, and this weekend Nate and I are going to DL to hang with his family again. Driving, not riding. *grin* Hopefully tourist season has died down enough by now that people will be wearing pants again, but you never know.

Thinking of stuff to post about.... thinking.... blank. Damn, my life is boring.


Blogger Tim Jackson- Masi Guy said...


I found your blog today by doing what? Looking at my Statcounter results... too damned funny. It is a wonderful waste of time isn't it? I geek-out all the time. The other day, after I put up a post about the new SRAM road shifters, I was shocked to see how many times both SRAM and Shimano had been to my blog the next morning... it was kind of scary really.

Hope all is well in the great Minnesota wonderland. My sister went to Saint Cloud. Have a Leinenkugel or Grain Belt for me!

Tim Jackson- Masiguy

8/31/2005 4:43 PM  
Blogger Tim Jackson- Masi Guy said...

Oh yeah... "some guy"... I like that title.

But how about "the guy who runs a really cool bike company, Masi bicycles"... I like that a lot better.

Enjoyed poking my nose around in your blog. I hope you poke your nose back into mine some time.

Since you are in Minneapolis, stop into Bheind Bars some time and tell Chuck that the Masi Guy sent you in there... he'd laugh at that a lot.

Tim Jackson

8/31/2005 4:54 PM  

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