slippery slope

So in the Netherlands you can apparently marry as a threesome. The man has two wives, each wife has a husband and a wife. Whatever makes 'em happy, I guess.

I can't help but see this as a setback for the gay rights movement here, though. Conservatives like to trot out the "slippery slope" argument every time gay marriage is brought up, saying that if we allow same-sex couples to marry, next thing you know people will be marrying in groups, marrying their dogs, marrying their mothers, DEAR GOD WHERE WILL IT END? Which is bunk, really; all gay people wanted last I checked was to be able to marry their long-term partners in a legal union between two loving monogamous people. Right? .......Right?

Well, I still think that's what the gay marriage movement is about. It's not trying to turn marriage into an "anything goes" arrangement in which anybody out there can "marry" anybody or anything. But Victor, Bianca, and Mirjam are all the proof Rick Santorum needs. Friggin' Dutch. Do they have to be that progressive?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jesus, girly. If we would have seen that headline 7 years ago, we'd be packing our bags.... ;P

Love, Lesh

10/11/2005 5:44 PM  

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