anybody looking for a new face?

Holy crap, you guys. That horrible movie Face/Off was only a little bit ahead of its time. They can actually do face transplants now.

You'll have to read the article, but because I know a lot of you won't, here are some highlights:

1. "worst-case scenario: a transplanted face being rejected and sloughing away, leaving the patient worse off than before"

2. "Surgeons will graft skin to cover the donor's wound, but a closed casket or cremation will be required." Donor's wound? Isn't that an understatement? THEIR FACE HAS BEEN REMOVED.

3. "However, Siemionow had been doing experimental groundwork. She already had creatures that resembled raccoons in reverse — white rats with masks of dark fur — from years of face transplant experiments." Although I'm not sure the reverse raccoon image works, because I've never seen a black raccoon with a white mask, but whatever....

4. "Matthew Teffeteller might seem an ideal candidate. Hair is driving him crazy. What used to be a beard can't grow through the skin-graft quilt that Vanderbilt University doctors stitched over parts of his face that were seared off in a car crash. Trapped under this crust, hair festers, leading to staph infections, pain and more surgeries."



Blogger filtersweep said...

That's the best news I've heard in ages... maybe there is hope for me after all!

9/21/2005 12:26 PM  

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