new hell week photos

There are some more Hell Week photos at Nick Gerlich's Zoto page if you're interested. I appear in exactly one of the pictures, but other people including Nate, Sascha, Scott, Bella M, and Belgian Bella got much better camera treatment. It's like playing Where's Waldo. Go check 'em out, what else have you got to do today?

the one picture I appear in:

The true Where's Waldo test -- I can't find myself in this one, but this is the pack I was with, so I must be in there somewhere... (and the front guy here is Nate, who -- what'd I tell ya? -- was obviously much more photogenic than I)


Anonymous Stan said...

Heh. I got to play "Where's Waldo" once. Some magazine had an article about bike racing and they had a big picture of the Cat 1-2 pack from Fitchburg in 1978. It was probably 200 riders, and I was able to find myself in it. It was relatively easy in those days because everyone wore the old 'leather hairnet' helmets, and I had a white plastic hardshell helmet. It was the only one with a different helmet in the whole pack.

3/25/2006 9:07 PM  
Blogger Eclectchick said...

Thanks for posting this link! It was fun to go play Where's Waldo. My hubby believes that photographer had a thing for my bootron . . ..

3/29/2006 3:09 PM  

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