draw a pig!

Better than a quiz: the Draw a Pig Personality Test!

Here is my pig:

The official key for the personality test aspect of it is as follows (very subjective, you can all decide for yourselves how detailed my pig is):

You drew the pig:
Toward the top of the paper, you are positive and optimistic.
Toward the middle, you are a realist.
Toward the bottom, you are pessimistic, and have a tendency to behave negatively.

Facing left, you believe in tradition, are friendly, and remember dates (birthdays, etc.)
Facing right, you are innovative and active, but don't have a strong sense of family, nor do you remember dates
Facing front, you are direct, enjoy playing devil's advocate and neither fear nor avoid discussions.

With many details, you are analytical, cautious, and distrustful.
With few details, you are emotional and naive, they care little for details and are a risk-taker.

With less than 4 legs, they are insecure or are living through a period of major change.
With 4 legs showing, they are secure, stubborn, and stick to their ideals.

The size of the ears indicates how good a listener you are.
The bigger the better.

The length of the tail indicates the quality of your sex life.
And again more is better!

Draw your pig and link to it in the comments! Let's start a pig collection!


Blogger Tim Jackson- Masi Guy said...

I can't even draw a circle, let alone a pig in the woods... what the hell does that say?

11/11/2005 12:47 PM  
Blogger annie said...

I don't know, but if you look at the pig gallery on their website you'll see that you're not alone!

11/11/2005 12:55 PM  
Blogger annie said...

My mom is also scared of the pig-drawing challenge. Come on, wusses. Step up to the plate.

11/11/2005 5:08 PM  
Blogger Pete said...

Nope, no public displays of drawing for me either.

11/12/2005 9:12 AM  
Blogger annie said...

Wuss, wuss, wuss. What are you afraid of?

At least one good thing has come of posting my pig, even if I can't get any of you to post your pigs. A blogsearch for "pig" has sent at least one lucky soul to this post. I think they were disappointed; the visit length was "0 seconds." Oh well.

11/14/2005 11:25 AM  

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