I don't understand why people complain about thunderstorms getting their cars dirty. Honestly, the next surest thing after death and taxes is that every time it storms, someone will say "And I just washed my car, too, goddamnit!" Me, personally, I'm glad when it rains because that's the cleanest my car gets. Considerably more than a month ago, I was (cough cough) left without quite enough space in the garage to actually get into it -- the space was big enough for my car, sure, but not actually big enough to maneuver the evil Republican gas-guzzling behemoth into it -- and ever since then my car has had an interesting streak down its left side in the exact same color as the garage. It's a pretty public advertisement for my driving skills: Don't Let This Woman Borrow Your Car. You'd think I'd be embarrassed enough to wash it off, but y'know, the car wash costs six or seven bucks, and that is a lot of Ramen. So I've been waiting for it to rain. Thing is, we've been having a dry spell, maybe even a drought, and everybody's lawn is brown and crispy and my car is still decorated with garage paint.

Today it is finally raining for real. Not sprinkling, raining. In a Biblical sort of way. The basement will probably flood, but folks, my car will finally be clean. Hallelujah.


Blogger Zelda said...

Thanks for the link. I always thought that people said that about their cars because if they'd know it was going to rain their car would be cleaned anyway and they wouldn't have had to waste the time/money by having it done.

I don't actually know if that makes sense, but it's late and I have to go to bed.

8/10/2005 1:44 AM  

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