uh, yeah.

So now I have a blog. Ten bucks says I'll post on it five times and get bored.

I'm actually already mad at blogger, ten minutes into my relationship with it, because it seemed ENTIRELY reasonable to have it be endorphinjunkie.blogspot.com, since the name endorphinjunkie has, in fact, belonged to ME ME ME since at least 2001, and yet some fuckstick seems to have already taken it. The kicker? He hasn't even posted to it. He's just squatting on it, with nothing to say. True story. You can go look at it if you like.

The fallout from THAT, then, is that I can't name my blog what I wanted to, which was "endorphinjunkie, high priestess of the 27-tooth cog." I suppose I could still do that with ladyvelo but now I'm bitter. Plus I only just swapped out my trusty 11-23 for a 12-27 the other day, for no apparent reason (I believe "just in case" was how I justified it to the shop guys), and I'd probably be embarrassed in a couple weeks to have named my blog after it.

So, yeah. I'm actually at work right now so this is probably not what I'm getting paid to do....


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